1. Ordering:
  • Before placing an order, the purchaser needs to make sure that he has an active Brentsol account number and that account should be in a current status. The purchaser has to provide us with the complete information about the product that includes;
  • The products’ description
  • Quantity of the product
  • Brentsol SKU number
  • The current unit expense provided by Brentsol
  • Correct shipping address
  • If the order is for government or educational purpose, the purchaser has to provide the above-mentioned details as well as the;
  • Government or education agreement number
  • End username and postal code
  • The purchasers’ personnel should identify the destination of each product order as either the purchaser’s, purchaser’s customer, or any other party. Brentsol has the right to charge any costs that are attributable to the purchaser providing deficient or incorrect order information and the purchaser has to agree to pay all such costs.
  • If Brentsol needs to deliver the products right away to the purchaser’s customer, it should have all the necessary customer’s information including his name, telephone number, shipping address, and the purchaser has to provide his settlement in this case.
  • The purchaser should also understand that Brentsol has to provide this necessary information of the customer to certain suppliers to enable the processing and delivery of the products.
  • The purchaser’s personnel can place the order on the telephone via Brentsol approved electronic ordering methods or facsimile. They need to identify themselves as personnel and then providing the specific Brentsol customer number before placing the order. Brentsol will not be responsible to confirm the validity of the individual placing an order in this manner, and the purchaser has to stand all the jeopardy if any unapproved party places an order using the purchaser’s account number.
  • These terms and conditions in the case of placing an order by the purchaser are not subjected to any addition, subtraction, or modification at any cost.
  • All orders below $1,750 will be charged an additional $7.5 as the minimum order fee. Moreover, the orders that are to be shipped directly to the purchaser’s customer will require a prepayment with some added charges.
  • Brentsol is not obligated to hold any product for future sale to the purchaser if his order is unfinished, on hold, or if he does not confirm the order within 24 hours of notification from Brentsol that the back ordered product is available for shipment.
  • All the products’ information including description, availability, and pricing is the property of Brentsol.
  • Brentsol grants the purchaser a restricted, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to use the information for the purchaser’s internal use only.
  • The purchaser needs to update all the necessary information to ensure it is accurate. He agrees to hold in confidence that he will not directly or indirectly use, reveal, disclose or transfer this information to any other entity for any purpose except as permitted herein obeying the laws.
  1. Pricing:

The costs mentioned at Brentsol for all the products are subjected to be changed without any notice and prices for the back-ordered products are not definite. Additional fees may apply per Brentsol’s policies in effect on the date of shipment.

  1. Shipment & Delivery:
  • Shipment to a location within Canada will be made only.
  • The title and risk of loss in otherwise locations will be transferred to the purchaser for the products owned by Brentsol.
  • Brentsol has the freedom to choose the carrier and the purchaser will be responsible for all freight charges related to any customer purchase order including subsequent backorders. Non-physical goods shipments such as software licenses and warranties will not be subject to the cargo charge.
  • Additional costs will be charged in case of large items and an invoice separate from the shipment will be made for this.
  • Shipment of materials that are labeled as unsafe under Transport Canada and/or International Air Transportation regulations are also charged additionally.
  • The purchaser shall scrutinize all products upon receipt and notify Brentsol of all inconsistencies or if the rejection is intended. And if the purchaser fails to notify about such discrepancies as per the terms and conditions, it will be considered as the acceptance of the product.
  1. Payment terms:
  • The purchaser has to agree that Brentsol shall have the right to refuse any extension in the credit and the applicable purchase price has to be paid before the shipment.
  • The purchaser needs to promptly notify Brentsol about any changes in his information including the purchaser’s name, or the shipping address. If failed to notify, Brentsol will refuse to sell the product or provide any services to the purchaser.
  • Brentsol has the right to modify the purchaser’s credit limit from time to time based on alterations in its policies or the financial condition of the purchaser.
  • Any credit distributed by Brentsol to the purchaser shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance and the purchaser have to surrender the right to claim any amount after the expiry.
  • Credit cards including Visa and MasterCard will be accepted only at the time of placing an order. No cash payments will be accepted.
  • The payment by money orders will only be accepted if the money order is made out in the exact amount of the invoice and payment of one invoice through multiple money orders will not be allowed.
  • If the purchaser fails to pay timely, Brentsol has the right to immediately withdraw all the credits extension and to delay the future deliveries so that all the outstanding balances are cleared first.
  • If the purchaser files a voluntary appeal under a bankruptcy statute or if an involuntary petition under a bankruptcy statute is filed against the purchaser, the responsibilities of Brentsol under these terms and conditions shall be terminated.
  1. Duties and Taxes:
  • The purchaser has to bear all the provincial, federal, and other government taxes. A Quebec sales tax will apply to all the shipments into the Province of Quebec.
  • The exemption certificates must be presented to Brentsol before shipment if they are to be privileged.
  1. Recycling fee:

The purchaser has to bear all recycling fees inclusive of all the electronic waste recycling fees to be sent by Brentsol under any provincial electronic leftover recycling program. If charges for such things are applicable they will either be mentioned on the product’s invoice or a separate invoice. If the purchaser is willing to pay the recycling fee directly to any provincial electronic waste recycling program on the behalf of Brentsol, he will be obliged to provide us with a confirmation before shipment.

  1. Warranty:

The warranty for each product is specified by its manufacturer or publisher. Brentsol makes no representations, warranties or conditions, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranty or condition of merchantability and the implied warranty or condition of fitness for a particular purpose, whatsoever. All information is provided to purchaser “as is”.

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