Brentsol greets all of the visitors to the website. We aim to ensure the privacy of our customer’s information. Brentsol developed the privacy policy to gather all the personal and non-personal information of the clients and keep them protected in an encrypted, secure site that is maintained by our order processing system. This system will protect the client’s information from any unauthorized use through the highest level of security.

Here we have enlisted some explanation of our privacy policy;

  • The personal information collected by our website includes the clients’ name, residential address, telephone number, email address, account information, company name and any other information that distinguishes his identity. The non-personal information covers non-identifiable information such as the IP address, browser type, referring website, navigation on the website, and the consolidated demographic information.
  • Gathering the personal information:

Brentsol gathers the clients’ information to verify their identity and facilitate their request to provide them with the best service possible or complete their transactions. By providing your information to us, you automatically give us your consent to use that information to complete a transaction you’ve requested. This provided information is only used to process your request and is not stored on our website but is redirected to a site with the highest level of security. The purpose of collecting this information is that it will help us improve our business and provide better services to the customers.

  • Gathering the non-personal information:

Brentsol also collects some non-personal information that has nothing to do with your identity. The purpose of compiling this data is that it will help us improve our business and provide better services to the customers. This clients’ information may be shared among our vendors, suppliers, and third-party contractors for the sake of improving the website. Another use of this information is to limit specific IP addresses or URLs that may create a problem.

  • Order processing:

To process the order or request that has been placed, the clients’ name, address, credit card number, and the amount to be charged will be submitted to the financial institution. This submission may be used to verify the clients’ identity and to authorize the purchase. Brentsol may supply the customer’s name, address, telephone number, and the purchased items to third-party shippers to deliver the order. Moreover, the manufacturer might also be shipping the products and are given the same information to complete the order.

  • Independent contractors:

Brentsol may often employ some other companies or individuals to assist in particular services such as consulting, analyzing customer lists and data, and providing marketing assistance. These third parties will have access to the client’s information but only to perform their functions. The third parties will be fully restricted to our privacy policies.

  • Disclosure to service providers:

Brentsol may share some of your personal information with certain service providers to;

  1. provide products and services to you based on your request
  2. verify and validate the information
  3. address customer service matters

Examples of service providers include credit card issuers, product service depots, warranty providers, and delivery services.

Any information provided by our customers will not be used for other commercial purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third party.

  • Legal disclosure:

Brentsol may disclose the client’s information as permitted or required to by law.

Some of the situations are enlisted below.

  • To a government institution or other person or entity that has declared its lawful authority to obtain the information
  • In the case where we have reasonable grounds to believe the information could be helpful in the investigation of any unlawful activity
  • To comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person, or entity with jurisdiction to compel the production of information
  • To comply with court rules regarding the production of records and information
  • To our legal counsel


Third-party links:

Some links on our website may be associated with some third-party sites, particularly vendor sites. Brentsol will not be responsible or liable to these sites. The customer has to make sure that he has gone through the privacy policy of these sites before providing the information. Some of the sites may grant the customer with a unique code, cookie, or graphic that will help them identify the customer. These codes will possibly capture the information provided by the customer while they are on the site. However, Brentsol endeavors to remove such access, but the customer has to limit the exposure of information to such practices. Therefore, we advise our customers to use a spyware program and visit Brentsol’s site directly.


Brentsol reserves the right to modify these policies anytime so the customer should visit periodically to review any changes.


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