Cisco switches are compacted and ruggedized that handle control automation and application network across industrial networks. Cisco switches are known to provide connectivity in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, and energy with extremely secure access. They enhance the security and improve reliability.

Following are some kinds of cisco switches;

  • LAN compact
  1. Catalyst micro switches
  2. Catalyst digital building series
  • LAN access
  1. Catalyst 1000 series
  2. Catalyst 9400 series
  3. Catalyst PON series
  • LAN core and distribution
  1. Catalyst 9400 series
  2. Catalyst 9600 series
  • Data center
  1. Nexus 3550 series
  2. Nexus 9000 series
  • Lan Switches
  1. Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches
  2. Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches
  3. Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches
  4. Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches
  5. Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches
  6. Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series Switches
  • Switches – Small
  1. Cisco 550X Series Stackable Managed Switches
  2. Cisco 350 Series Managed Switches
  3. Cisco Business 350 Series Managed Switches


Cisco routers associate the personnel to networks where just about every essential business activity takes place. We will be unable to use the internet to collaborate, interconnect, or collect the information. Routers guide and direct network data such as files, communications, and simple transmissions.

Some cisco routers are;

  • Edge router

These are designed to connect to other routers to distribute data to end users.

  • Core router

These router provide maximum bandwidth to connect additional routers.

  • Wireless router

These routers are suitable for home-based networks and internet access.

  • Distribution router

This router receives data from the edge router and sends it to the end user.

  • Virtual router

These routers are ideal for large businesses because of their low cost and flexibility.

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